La Compagnie Dumas has been manufacturing small bedding items such as pillows, duvets, bolsters, eiderdowns, plumons, and featherbeds (over-mattresses) filled with feathers and down or synthetic materials.

In the decoration field

The expertise of La Compagnie Dumas also extends into the field of decor and furnishing.  La Compagnie Dumas offers the manufacturing of sofa seat and back cushions which require extensive expertise and know-how. It also offers scattered cushions. Different fillings are shaped in order to provide better comfort and better longevity according to the usage and the fabric being used.

Technique and know-how

We control the entire manufacturing process and only very rarely call upon contractors.  We shape filling materials using the "soufflé" (blown) process in order to obtain a fluffy and smooth product, for both the pillow and the duvet. In 2013, we invested in a production line of duvets using a technique called NAPPE in order to meet the demand of our clients whilst offering an additional synthetic line. 

The DNA of La compagnie Dumas

The main features of the DNA of La compagnie Dumas:


  • Respect and simplicity
  •  Honesty, keeping one's word, and personal commitment,
  • The care and dependability of teamwork completed well, 
  • Progress, anticipation and innovation always subject to the precautionary principle


In addition, La Compagnie Dumas puts the expectations and satisfaction of the client at the heart of its activities.  Because of this concern, as we provide our products, we are committed to a policy of listening, advising, and assuring our consumers and distributors about our service commitment.


In 2000, an exclusive and patented procedure was born: GSD®. This innovation, specific to La Compagnie Dumas, consists in adding a double cover treated against dust mites and bacteria to ensure total safety and harmlessness to the consumer.

A leitmotiv

La Compagnie Dumas believes that everyone has the right to sleep well. Its mission is to make this right a reality. Therefore, we now offer different product lines under different brands: Dumas Paris.

Both brands share the same DNA but each have their own unique characteristics, a reflection of their positioning in the marketplace.

In a few figures

La Compagnie Dumas can adapt the manufacturing in all of the sectors of activity according to the specifications of the client but also by adapting to the standard and size of the country of destination. (Presence in the hospital, hotel, childcare, furniture sectors, etc.).

Our annual production capacity is :
*with a possible margin for higher production.