• Respect and simplicity
  • Honesty, keeping one's word, and personal commitment,
  • The care and dependability of teamwork well done, 
  • Reasonable progress and innovation subject to the precautionary principle

The officers, shareholders and staff of the company have adopted this charter so that it becomes a common code of destiny and a commitment to recognition of their actions.

Our commitments

By this charter we commit to the following:

• La Compagnie Dumas mission: the right for everyone to sleep well and to therefore put the expectations and the satisfaction of consumers at the heart of our actions. We have established as a common objective to give, make available and share to the greatest number of consumers the well-being and the benefits of secure and protected sleep.

 We choose to be committed to ensuring the principles of a mastered and secure comfort of sleep in the service of people and their equilibrium.
As we provide our product range, we are therefore committed to practising a policy of listening to, advising, and reassuring our consumers and distributors regarding our products.

 We strive to foster innovation and development in order to benefit the largest number of consumers, with an appropriate order proposition.

An answer

Responding to the needs of consumer guarantees and safety issues.

Aware of the expectations of consumers for products guaranteeing a level of safety in terms of hygiene, health and maintenance, we wish to confirm the quality guarantee of our products through a sign and a commitment by La Compagnie Dumas.

This quality policy, which we have created and are the sole holders, encompasses the entire product line manufactured by the La Compagnie Dumas brand. This policy is also applied to the products bearing the brands of our distributors, subject to regulatory compliance, their specifications and the contractual agreement of La Compagnie Dumas.

La Compagnie Dumas ensures sanitation of the components of its products, and their ability to be maintained and washed. Some La Compagnie Dumas products are accompanied by a usage and advice manual including a further reminder of the legal warranty against hidden defects and a conventional two-year guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.

La Compagnie Dumas also guarantees the quality and safety of natural filling materials of both the feather and down variety used in our products. For these supplies, we rely exclusively on supply chains we contractually guarantee by reference to our specifications, their origin, traceability and safety level regarding dust mites and allergens, as well as regulatory compliance. If necessary, La Compagnie Dumas shall be associated with the quality sign of its partners in the supply chain.

Precautionary principle

Safeguard consumers from potential risks.

As part of its quality policy, La Compagnie Dumas remains vigilant in the use of materials or treatments which have not received approval and/or regulatory authorisation. It always favours products or raw materials whose experimental protocols ensure safety in the current state of scientific and technical knowledge.

Principle of European and regulatory

compliance of finished products

Ensure consumers and the supply chain of European compliance and origin.
La Compagnie Dumas guarantees that all finished products are manufactured in the European Union and comply with national and European regulations in force applicable to these products and they strictly follow the future development of these regulations.

Social and Environmental Ethics

Guarantee to consumers the ethical transparency of the production cycle of the finished product.

As part of the policy, La Compagnie Dumas and in accordance with our values, we consistently ensure that our partners, suppliers of products and services meet beforehand and comply with human rights and fundamental principles, particularly with regard to child protection and workers' rights. Similarly, we remain attentive to the respect of animal welfare regarding the natural materials we use, and we take care to work with feathers and down that are not from the "live-plucked down" sector. On the environmental front, we are attentive to the compliance of the global cycle of our product, specifically the upstream and downstream impact of our products, by educating our suppliers on the importance of environmental quality of the manufacturing methods and the use of their own supplies.

Principle of involvement

Guarantee our clients the contractual and moral respect of their request.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services so that our clients can fully carry out their missions with consumers. We will study with them all the means to develop information and logistical, technical and marketing solutions that will help them to optimise their sales of La Compagnie Dumas products under their own brands and to satisfy consumers.