Petit Meunier, launched in 2014, fits naturally into our mission "the right to sleep well for all." This necessarily meant offering a new product line while at the same time respecting and continuing our company values, but through a streamlined and accessible proposal. Friendly and convivial, authentic and generous, we created Petit Meunier to awaken memories of childhood and to remind people that sleeping is a pleasure.
The name Petit Meunier was chosen for its qualities of proximity and its evocation of a certain tradition of French quality. It guarantees an instinctive brand association in the world of sleep through the reference to the nursery rhyme, "Meunier, tu dors ..." ("Miller, You're Sleeping) and also refers to the history of La Compagnie Dumas, whose workshops are located in the Moulin Denfer (Denfer Mill) in Tonnere.

Logo Petit Meunier