The name Dumas is above all our family name and the history of our company has been built over time. Since 1910, the men and women in our family have not stopped working to ensure that La Compagnie Dumas lives on through the generations and that the "savoir dormir" ("knowing how to sleep") is passed on from generation to generation.  This legacy is now our trademark, and the consistency of work finished to the highest level ensures our sustainable development for the future.

Our workshops are located in Tonnerre, Burgundy. Former manufacturer of feathers and down, we now make pillows and duvets of French craftsmanship. As we are passionate about our profession, we must give full meaning to sleeping well. Sleeping well is a rare privilege and everyone must do so. Given that we are sincere in our choices and courageous in our actions, we want to give the pillow all the status it deserves.


The story of La Compagnie Dumas began in Paris in the 1880s with Paul Dumas. It was in 1910 that the Dumas family settled in Tonnerre, where our manufacturing workshops are located. In 1920, Louis Dumas joined the family venture. At that time the company was a major player in the restoration of leather and fur skins, working for the biggest names in fashion. These raw materials were used for making felt hats and coats.


Pierre Dumas joined his father in the management of the company. After the war, the sale of leather and hides experienced a slowdown, and the company needed to change.  The company had to find a new path and Pierre Dumas embodied this change.  In the 50s, the business began to move towards "cushion" feathers that came from our grandmothers' old beds.  These feathers were processed and sold to bedding manufacturers. Pierre Dumas, who was a visionary, decided instead to start making pillows, bolsters, and eiderdowns, which are the bedrock of our current activity. 


In the mid-70s, Christian Dumas, who is the current managing director of the group, decided to join the family venture. As manufacturing and industry have always fascinated him, he began to transform an artisan company into an industrial company. During the post oil crisis years, the decision was made to expand production to the so-called "Nordic" duvet. Looking towards the future, Christian Dumas always looks for innovation at both the product level and that of the work tool. The industrial base of the company has significantly been modernised in order to meet an ever-increasing demand.  Christian Dumas developed the company's machinery by consistent reinvestment and by improving the existing mechanisms or by creating new machines. Christian Dumas always strives to combine innovation, safety and respect for the environment, something which is always present in the company DNA. 


In 2012, Edouard Dumas, who graduated from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne with a degree in mechanical engineering, specialising in production management and supply chain management, joined the family venture after working internationally, mainly for one of the major players in the tobacco industry.  With his sound experience, he began to analyse the production and reorganisation of the supply chain to better manage production and meet the demands of our customers, never losing sight of the respect for work finished to the highest degree in the shortest time possible. Alongside this analysis of our manufacturing process, Edouard Dumas decided to reaffirm the image of the company. He called upon the Dragon Rouge agency (which means "Red Dragon" agency) to assist in defining the boundaries of the company brand.