La Compagnie Dumas

La Compagnie Dumas has been manufacturing small bedding items such as pillows, duvets, bolsters, eiderdowns, plumons, and featherbeds (over-mattresses) filled with feathers and down or synthetic materials.

The workshops of La Compagnie Dumas have been located in Tonnerre, Burgundy since 1910 in order to be closer to our clients and therefore respond as quickly as possible to their needs.   It is in our workshops in Burgundy that we transform, adorn and combine the raw materials which are selected with the greatest of care.  The mission of La Compagnie Dumas is to create, for each person, the comfort that he or she needs. 


2 product lines under 2 different brands and Distributor brand



Our historic brand

Dumas Paris is our historic brand and it is under this label that we have been manufacturing pillows and duvets in France since 1954. Under this brand, we select high quality products that combine the best natural and synthetic raw materials.

Dumas Paris


The pillow of your dream

Petit Meunier, launched in 2014, fits naturally into our mission "the right to sleep well for all." This necessarily meant offering a new product line while at the same time respecting and continuing our company values, but through a streamlined and accessible proposal. Friendly and convivial, authentic and generous, we created Petit Meunier to awaken memories of childhood and to remind people that sleeping is a pleasure.

Petit Meunier


We manufacture both in small quantities and large production

La Compagnie Dumas also offers the possibility to its distributors to manufacture French quality products under their own brand.

Distributor brand
Chartes Compagnie Dumas


A common code of destiny, commitments and recognitions of actions.

At la Compagnie Dumas, we believe that everyone has the right to sleep well. Our mission is to make this right a reality. In the spirit of the founders of La Compagnie Dumas, who were entrusted with this mission, and incorporating the values that they share

Ethics charter


To encourage forest protection and to be proactive in the reforestation of deforested areas

To reduce the carbon footprint of its business activity and to strengthen its commitment towards the environment, La Compagnie Dumas has been committed since 2009 to the "Zero Carbon Objective" approach.

Environmental Charter