For the furnishing and decorative department, the filling are associated in our expertise.

The Natural Filling

The natural fillings are recommended for traditional Sofas and a moderate use

Designation Filling Use Comfort
½ down 10% down, 90% new duck or goose feather Back or Seat cushion Firm Supportive
¾ down 30% down, 70% new duck or goose feathers
50% down, 50% new duck or goose feather
Back or Seat cushion Firm supportive
Firm supportive/ Flexible comfort
Downs 70% down, 30% new duck or goose feathers
85% down, 15% new duck or goose feathers
Back cushions Flexible support/ Soft support


The Mix feather and synthetic filling

The mix feather and synthetic filling are recommended new design sofa and frequent use:

Designation Filling Use Comfort
Mix of feather and foam (136/6) 70% new goose and duck feather, 30% foam polyether bars Back or Seat cushion Firm Supportive
Mix of feather, foam and hollow siliconised fiber (PMF) 1/3 feathers; 1/3 foam polyether bars; 1/3 hollow silisonised fiber Back or Seat cushion Firm supportive and flexible support
Mix of feather and hollow siliconised fiber (MCI) 70%  new goose and duck feathers, 30% hollow siliconised fiber Back cushions Flexible support


The Synthetic filling

The synthetic fillings are recommended for a flexible or soft support. The principle advantages is that it is hypoallergenic

Designation Filling Use Comfort
Fiber Hollow siliconised fiber Back cushions Soft support
Mix of Fiber and foam Mix of hollow siliconised fiber and polyether foam Back cushions Flexible comfort
Foam Foam polyether bars Back and seat cushions Firm supportive