The pillow workshop produces 2.1 million pillows annually which translates into a production capacity of around 10,500 pillows per day, with a possibility to increase by about 45% with the current structure. The pillows are made from covers crafted in our sewing workshop located nearby to facilitate a quick response. It is in this workshop that the raw materials for filling are developed.

La Compagnie Dumas applies a different technique to each type of filling and shapes the materials in order to reveal their characteristics. 

Synthetic materials such as fibre and microfiber are opened, carded and shaped to be put into a ball in order to obtain a smooth and fluffy filling.  

The feathers and down are assembled in large capacity mixers, in order to obtain the desired "baths" and thus create the desired comfort that each individual needs. 

The covers are then filled using a technique called "soufflé" (blown) so that the filling, whether natural or synthetic, can reveal its distinctive features while at the same time retaining its fluffiness and smoothness. 

Strong with its experience, la Compagnie Dumas's extensive experience in this field ensures the assembly of these materials to create a pillow that is adapted to each person. 

All the pillows manufactured by La Compagnie are conform to the requirements of European Regulation EN 12952 (part 1 and 2) regarding the fire rules (no cigarette fire).