In our sewing workshops many skills are at your service. We fashion standard and under-measure sizes of pillows and decorative cushions envelope in small or large production series.

La Compagnie Dumas also provides the manufacture of furniture cushions. Sofa and armchair manufacturers provide us the model to achieve. According to the manufacturer instructions, our seamstresses can achieve flat strip cushions, cushions broken corner, with partition or not.

For this type of hand-made cushions, La Compagnie Dumas fashion the envelope with a minimum of quantity. Once the prototype is produced and validated by the manufacturer, it is referenced, modelled on a data sheet to ensure an optimum track and service.

The fabrics referenced by La Compagnie Dumas meet specifications according to our own collections, according to our know-how, or according to the client's specifications. 

The fabric is delivered in rolls, checked upon delivery, and then listed. The rolls are cut to size according to the size of the desired finished product and sewn on our machines.

The sewing is sequenced so that in the percales and standard sizes of our brands or those of our clients, we always have a minimum stock which represents 10 activity days to respond to the emergencies of each.

The choice of La Compagnie Dumas to integrate a sewing workshop allows us to meet each of our client's expectations without restriction in the manufacture of covers for pillows as well as duvet covers.

At the end of the sewing process, each type of cover, in standard or specialised sizes, is assigned a reference for several reasons. 

Firstly, in order to respond to emergencies with an inventory management of semi-finished products and secondly in order to manage the implementation of traceability. In this way, we can be aware of the manufacturing period and the storage time.

Please find bellow a glossary:

  • Envelope: fabric that will contain the filling
  • Partition: fabric partition in polycotton or cotton that separate the filling in the envelope
  • Template: model in kraft paper of the cushion
  • Flat strip: thickness of the cushion
  • Satin stitch
  • Sewing returned
  • Welt stitching